Cash Flow

Proper cash flow management could help make your small business a success. We develop easy-to-use solutions to analyze and better manage cash flow.


We help you get started with a simple plan for managing and mitigating your small business risks.


Your employees deserve stable income for a long and healthy retirement. We focus on solutions that help improve retirement outcomes.


The loss of a key employee or partner poses a significant risk to your business, but is a risk that can be successfully mitigated through key employee insurance.


Comprehensive Planning For Your Small Business

A.W. Smith Financial Small Business Solutions offers a distinctive experience. We are focused on helping you identify, anticipate and avoid pitfalls to maximize your financial growth. We will show you simple solutions that will allow you to retain valuable employees, supplement your own retirement strategy, and help protect your business against financial loss in case of a key contributor's disability, critical illness or death.


BizEquity exists to help entrepreneurs quantify their success, and then leverage that knowledge to pursue new growth initiatives. Biz/equity is the first and leading cloud-based business valuation engine. BizEquity enables business owners, advisors and agents to value a company in minutes. BizEquity delivers a business valuation and a detailed business value report. Industry Research shows over 75% of all business owners do not know what their business is worth. Bolt Insurance research shows 50% of all businesses are underinsured. BizEquity will help answer a leading question that all business owners should know – What is my business worth?

fi360 Fiduciary Score

As an additional service for small business owners, we use fi360 Fiduciary Score to analyze your existing financial plans and review them for efficiency.

The fi360 Fiduciary Score is an independent, third party evaluation of an investment.

The fi360 Fiduciary Score can help with:

  • Investment selection
  • Investment monitoring
  • Watch list management/investment replacement selection

The fi360 Fiduciary Score™ is an investment rating system that helps quickly identify a short list of investments that merit continued research in the selection process. It also facilitates the ongoing monitoring process by highlighting investments that contain potential deficiencies.

The Score evaluates investments on nine different criteria across a spectrum of quantitative data points to determine if the investment meets a minimum fiduciary standard of care. The nine criteria include: regulatory oversight, track record, assets in the investment, stability of the organization, composition consistent with asset class, style consistency, expense ratio/ fees relative to peers, risk-adjusted performance relative to peers, and performance relative to peers.

The fi360 Fiduciary Score is calculated on a monthly basis for investments with at least a three year history. The Score is calculated for open end mutual funds, exchange-traded funds ("ETFs"), and Group Retirement Plan Annuities ("GRPAs").

See our fi360 Fiduciary Score brochure for more information about the Score and its methodology.

Why should you use the fi360 Fiduciary Score?

The fi360 Fiduciary Score is an independent, third party evaluation of an investment. The factors and thresholds used in the process come from Practice 3.1 of the Prudent Practices. The Practices, derived from legislative acts, case law, and industry best practices are considered to be the standard for investment fiduciary practice management. In addition, the process is consistent across all asset classes and investment types, making the Score an easy process to use when comparing investments.

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